3 Spots That Dust Can Be Hiding in Your Yuma, AZ Home

Maintaining a healthy indoor air quality in your Yuma, Arizona, home is critical to reducing your family’s risk of respiratory illnesses. It will also help lessen asthma and allergy symptoms. One pollutant that can wreak havoc on your IAQ is the dust that is lurking around your home. While regular cleaning can help, it is important to focus on some of the areas where large accumulations of dust may be hiding.

Drapes, Curtains, and Blinds

Window treatments are an ideal place for dust to settle, and it can easily accumulate over time, especially during seasons when you rarely open or close them. Make sure to launder curtains and draperies at least twice a year, to remove the buildup of dust. When cleaning blinds and shutters, first vacuum using a brush attachment to loosen dust and dirt. Then use soapy water to wash all of the cracks and crevices.

Clothing and Linens

Clothes that are not worn often can accumulate dust as they sit in your closet. Consider purging your closet of unused items and cleaning clothes that are only worn once in a while. Your bedding can also accumulate dust. Make a point to launder linens every two weeks, even in rooms where the bedding is not used.

Air Vents and Air Ducts

As the dust moves throughout the air in your home, it can travel through your HVAC system and settle in the ductwork and the vents. When cleaning, use a brush attachment to gently remove dust off of vents to keep it from building up. In addition, you should schedule regular HVAC maintenance and have your ductwork cleaned if you notice reduced airflow or more dust than normal coming out of your vents.

Want to take control of the dust in your home? Focus on areas where dust may be hiding and contact our professionals at Quick Refrigeration by calling 928-220-8108 today to schedule your maintenance or duct cleaning service.

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