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Energy Savers Club – HVAC Service & Maintenance Plans

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There’s never a convenient time for your AC unit to stop working, but you can prevent many problems before they start!


Saves You Money!

Letting your air conditioner go a few years without proper system maintenance can lead to bigger (and more expensive) problems down the road. Regular air conditioner tune ups by an experienced technician can extend the life of your cooling system and keep it running at maximum efficiency.

Our Maintenance Helps ALOT

Our AC maintenance keeps your air conditioner prepared for the hottest days of summer without breaking a sweat!


When was your last AC tune-up?

If your air conditioner has clogged vents, your utility bills will start to increase from inefficient operation. Even newer air conditioners will perform less efficiently if they do not receive regular care and maintenance from an HVAC professional.

Service and Maintenance Plans

Welcome to the Club! As part of our Energy Savings Club, you will receive routine maintenance to keep your heating and cooling system running at peak performance. This precision tune-up for your system is similar to having an oil change in your vehicle. Over time this service will save you money by avoiding costly repairs and keeping your energy cost low. Quick Refrigeration offers four unique maintenance plans tailored to suit you and your systems needs. We provide tune-ups and inspections outside of our maintenance plans, and we perform home energy audits, duct pressure testing, duct leakage tests, and air balance tests.

Are you only a Winter Visitor?

We have plans for you too! Contact us to get those.

Our Precision Tune-ups include


Clean evaporator/inside coil if accessible


Clean condenser/outside coil


Clean condensate drains


Monitor starting capabilities


Test safety controls


Clean and adjust blower components


Check for correct air flow


Secure electrical connections


Measure volts/amps on motors


Lubricate all moving parts


Check thermostat calibration


Measure temperature difference


Clean exterior of unit


Inspect ducts

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