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Your ducts deliver air throughout the rooms in your Fortuna Foothills, Arizona, home and provide a comfortable atmosphere. However, ducts tend to become overloaded with dirt, dust, and other debris. If you notice these warning signs, your ducts need to be cleaned out.

Dirt and Dust Around the Vents

When you spot dirt and dust accumulating on the vents and registers, this is a clear indication of dirty ducts. When they’re overloaded, the indoor air quality in your home will drop, often causing allergic reactions and symptoms like congestion, sore throats, eye irritation, and headaches. Additionally, dirty vents can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, forcing the unit to work harder to deliver heated and cooled air.

Energy Bill Spikes

If your energy bill spikes from one month to the next, your ducts could be to blame. When air can’t move freely through them, the system uses more energy to heat and cool the space. As a result, you may notice a sharp increase due to the excess energy waste.

Unpleasant Odors

When your air conditioner or furnace is running, you shouldn’t smell any strong odors. If you do catch a whiff of something unpleasant, the culprit could be hiding in the ducts. Musty odors can indicate the presence of moisture, while foul smells could come from rodent droppings or infestations of insects living in the ducts.

Keep it Clean

If you notice any of these warning signs in your home, or you want to avoid them, make sure to keep up with regular duct cleaning. This service is handled by a skilled HVAC professional and involves using strong suction to remove the trapped dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, dander, and any other contaminants.

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