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Do you have a business in Wellton, Arizona, that sells fresh produce, dairy products, or fresh flowers? If you would like to keep your products fresh, you need to have a well-maintained commercial refrigeration system. Let’s take a look at different types of businesses that can benefit from commercial refrigeration.

Family-Run Market

People who shop at your family run market expect to have fresh produce, as well as fresh dairy and meat products. The temperature of your commercial refrigerator should run between 36 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If you set the temperature higher, you run the risk of bacterial growth. If you set it lower, the food could freeze.

It is essential to your business that your reach-in-coolers are well-maintained to keep your food safe. When our expert service technicians come to maintain your commercial refrigeration system, we will clean, inspect, and make any necessary repairs before there is a major breakdown resulting in costly emergency repairs.

Flower Shop

It is important to keep your flowers in top condition. Cut flowers are freshest when kept at a specific temperature range: from 26 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. If there are temperature variations or fluctuations by just a few degrees, the flowers’ shelf life will shorten and they can even be destroyed. A well-maintained commercial refrigerator can help to ensure that your flowers stay fresh for their lifespan.

Recreational Vehicle Park or Campground

Visitors love to camp in the beautiful deserts of Arizona, and they also love to have the convenience of picking up fresh supplies from the campground store. One of the main items that campers need on a regular basis is ice. Selling ice from your camp’s store is a lucrative business. Be sure that your commercial ice machine is in optimal working condition during the busy seasons.

If you have a business that needs commercial refrigeration installed, serviced or repaired, call Quick Refrigeration today at 928-220-8108.

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