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Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Running a commercial business in San Luis, Arizona, comes with a number of responsibilities. If your facility uses refrigeration to store food, medications, or other items that must stay cold, it’s critical to make sure the refrigerators are always working properly. A commercial refrigerator repair could cost your business a lot of money. Keep an eye out for warning signs of a problem with refrigeration to avoid major issues.

Ice on the Exterior

One of the first warning signs of a refrigeration problem is ice on the exterior of the unit. You could spot ice forming on the freezer door, the evaporator coils, or building up inside the freezer. These issues could mean the temperature is not correct inside, or that your refrigerator or freezer is overloaded and not allowing for sufficient airflow.

Temperature Problems

Another issue that requires refrigeration repair is a change in the temperature of your fridge or freezer. If the door feels hot or the inside of the refrigerator isn’t as cool as it should be, your unit may be low on refrigerant. This is a fairly easy fix, but it should be handled by a refrigerant technician, as handling the chemicals used inside your fridge could be dangerous. Other signs of temperature problems include water droplets inside the fridge or a unit that seems to have condensation on the exterior.

Door Issues

If your refrigerator door isn’t closing or sealing properly, the items stored inside could get too warm. This is definitely a warning sign of an issue, so contact a technician to figure out what’s blocking the seal. A warped door also indicates an issue with the unit.

Old Age

When your commercial refrigerator is more than 10-15 years old, it is more likely to have problems. These units don’t last forever, so keep a closer eye on your refrigerator as it starts to get up there in age.

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