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In Roll, AZ, summers require a fully functioning air conditioning system, which is why you will need maintenance before the heat arrives. So what are the best maintenance tips for your system? Here are a few HVAC maintenance steps that you should take this year while the weather is nice and mild.

Take a Look at Your System

It’s a good idea to schedule regular HVAC maintenance. We recommend scheduling HVAC maintenance at least once a year. From time to time, inspect the system to ascertain if there has been any damage done to it during the summer, fall or winter. Take a look at your residential or commercial HVAC system and check to see if there’s any debris, if the system is level or if there are any other issues.

Spring Tune-Up

The truth about an HVAC system is that, in many situations, it needs a professional for upkeep. This is why you should seek out one of our specialists for a tune-up, including parts lubrication, securing electrical connections, checks for corrosion or rust and ductwork inspections. This is all critical because any issues that may result from changing weather can cripple your system in the warmer or colder months, so you want to be on top of everything.

Clean and Replace the Filters

Maintenance of the HVAC system often includes cleaning and replacing the filters. When you have excess material like dust, particulate matter, dander or, pollen on the filter, it can cause the system to overwork, which will shorten its lifespan and cause these materials to make their way into the air.

Maintenance is critical, which is why you should call us today if you’re looking for a reliable HVAC company. Contact Quick Refrigeration for HVAC services to keep your home cool all year. Remember, always inspect your system, request a tune-up and have your filters cleaned and replaced to get the most value.

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