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Indoor air pollution can wreak havoc on the indoor air quality of your Yuma, Arizona, home. Poor IAQ can result in more chronic respiratory illness, increased allergies, and more pronounced asthma symptoms.

Organic Gases

Organic gases, or volatile organic compounds, is a common term for gases that are emitted into the air of your home from various sources. Depending on the level of toxicity, these gases can produce effects such as dizziness, nausea, and eye, nose, and throat irritation — they can even bring on chronic conditions. Some of the most common VOCs that can be found around the home include cleaning supplies, paint, glue, markers, and ink. You can reduce VOCs by switching to natural products.

Tobacco Smoke

Secondhand smoke is another common indoor air pollutant. Any form of tobacco smoking will release chemicals into the air that can lead to chronic respiratory problems, heart disease, irritation of the respiratory tract, lung conditions, and even lung cancer. These chemicals can also stay in the air long after the smoking activity has ceased. You can reduce the chemicals from tobacco smoke by keeping all smoking outside of the home.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless gas that can be present in your home without being detected. Carbon monoxide is one of the chemicals that can be released when smoking, but it also can be emitted from gas stoves, heaters, chimneys, furnaces, and automobiles. When too much carbon monoxide enters your system, it can enter your bloodstream and central nervous system, causing unexplained lethargy, severe indigestion, headaches, and coordination problems. It can also be fatal in large doses. One way to protect your home from carbon monoxide leaks is to have your HVAC system regularly checked and serviced.

Improve the IAQ in your home by reducing common indoor air pollutants. Looking to have your HVAC inspected for leaks? Contact Quick Refrigeration at 928-220-8108 today. One of our technicians will perform a full check and service on your system.

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