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When it comes to HVAC efficiency, cleanliness matters. Dirty equipment forces the system to run overtime to maintain desired temperatures, resulting in higher energy bills. As the lungs of your central air system, ducts are particularly vulnerable to a buildup of contaminants. They breathe in all the dust and pollutants generated through daily activities. The gradual accumulation of particulate matter on the ducts impairs performance. Find out how professional duct cleaning in Yuma, AZ saves energy and your money.

How Dirty Ductwork Impacts HVAC Efficiency

Ductwork operates under pressure, delivering conditioned air to living spaces and returning stale air for re-conditioning. In the average home in Yuma, Arizona, a forced-air system re-circulates the air 5 to 7 times per day. Every time air passes through the ductwork, small particles settle on and adhere to the ducts. The friction caused by this buildup on contaminants impacts airflow and velocity. Over time, your HVAC system will need to run for longer and longer periods to keep you comfortable.

Energy Savings with Air Duct Cleaning

The greater the buildup of particulate matter on your ductwork, the more money you spend on heating and cooling. Duct cleaning allows air to pass through the ducts freely, improving performance. Keeping the ducts clean also helps safeguard other components from damaging dirt. Clean, well-maintained HVAC systems last longer, perform better and need fewer repairs. In addition to the benefits of improved indoor air quality, air duct cleaning saves energy and money too.

Air Duct Cleaning from Quick Refrigeration

Do your ducts need cleaning? Find out with an inspection from the pros at Quick Refrigeration. Our industry-grade vacuum can clean your ducts quickly and efficiently without disturbing your home or disrupting your busy schedule. Our in-line video camera allows us to show you how the ductwork looks before and after our quality services. To learn more, explore our duct cleaning services section or call 928-220-8108 today!

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