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Having a smart thermostat connected to your HVAC system is especially helpful in the warm climate of San Luis, Arizona. You can take advantage of the features that help maintain a more comfortable atmosphere and make it easy to adjust your indoor temperature. However, if your smart thermostat’s screen has gone blank, it’s tough to use any of the built-in features that you and your family usually enjoy. If you’re in this boat, take a look at the following reasons your thermostat isn’t working.

Low Battery

The most common reason for a blank thermostat screen is a dead battery. Not all smart units use batteries for power, but if yours does, this is the first thing you should check. Remove the front plate to expose the batteries and swap them out to see if this resolves the issue.

Tripped Circuit

If your thermostat doesn’t use batteries, it is wired into the electrical power in your home, so there could be an issue with the wiring. Another issue that could impact a wired thermostat is a tripped circuit. Reset the breaker to see if the thermostat restarts. If not, contact an HVAC professional or electrician to take a closer look at the wiring.

No Voltage

Air conditioning and heating systems use a transformer to send signals and voltage to the thermostat. If the transformer malfunctions or another component in the system is not working properly, the thermostat may not be receiving the signals it needs and it has turned off as a result. During the warmer season, this may be caused by an overflow in the drain pan, which has triggered the safety switch. When the heating system is running, the limit switch could cause the unit to stop sending signals.

Broken Thermostat

The worst case scenario is that your smart thermostat is broken, which may mean that you’ll have to replace it. An HVAC technician can test the thermostat and determine whether it’s damaged beyond repair or can be repaired.

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