Why Is My AC Using Too Much Power in Yuma, AZ?

Wondering why your AC seems to be gobbling up more power in Yuma, AZ than it should? Here are some possible reasons behind your excessive AC power usage and some suggestions for improving AC efficiency.

Age and Efficiency of Your Unit

Air conditioning technology has leaped bounds over the years, becoming more energy efficient. If your unit is pushing past a decade, it may not be keeping up with the energy-saving standards of modern units. An upgrade might be the ticket to reducing your energy consumption.

Matching Your AC to Your Home

An AC unit that’s too small will have to run marathon sessions to cool your home, using up power along the way. A unit that’s too large will cycle on and off frequently, resulting in wasteful power usage. Professional AC installation will make sure you have the perfect fit for your cooling needs.

Regular Maintenance

AC units, like any mechanical device, need regular maintenance to perform at their best. Dirty filters or unchecked issues such as refrigerant leaks can make your system work overtime, increasing power usage. Make it a habit to schedule routine AC repair and maintenance.

Thermostat Settings

The way you use your thermostat can significantly affect your AC’s electricity consumption. Consistently setting the thermostat too low can cause your AC to work non-stop, leading to higher power use. Opting for a programmable thermostat can help manage your cooling needs more efficiently, especially when you’re not home.

Understanding the why and how behind your AC’s excessive power consumption can help you optimize its operation, save on your utility bills and extend the unit’s lifespan. If you need professional help to diagnose or fix any issues, our team is always ready to lend a hand. Contact Quick Refrigeration today for top-notch AC repair and installation services.

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