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A ductless HVAC system doesn’t require ductwork, but what exactly are the benefits to your home? Learn why this type of system is an excellent option for your Yuma, AZ, home or a new home addition.

How Does Ductless Heating and Cooling Work?

A ductless system consists of an outdoor unit like a central air conditioner and an indoor controller or fan unit installed on an outer wall. Both components connect via a loop of copper tubing that circulates refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the air and transports it outdoors or indoors, depending on whether the system is set to cool or heat.

A Low-Cost Solution for HVAC

Ductless systems are easy to install and require minimum alterations to your home. It is possible to heat or cool different rooms or your entire home with a multi-zone ductless system.

More Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Solution

Because a ductless HVAC system operates without ductwork, there is no loss of cooled or heated air like a traditional HVAC is prone to. You can also choose to cool or heat only certain areas in your home. This makes ductless systems a more energy-efficient alternative to a central air conditioning and heating system.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

If indoor air quality is a concern for your family, a ductless HVAC system is a wise choice. Because the conditioned air does not travel through ducts, it does not pick up dust or allergens that may be lurking in the ducts.

If you are considering a ductless HVAC system for your Yuma home, you want to hire a company you can trust. For more than six decades, we have gone the extra mile for our customers. Schedule an appointment with Quick Refrigeration for your free quote for a ductless heating and cooling system.

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