Should My Ductless HVAC System Be So Noisy in Roll, AZ

Ductless systems are very quiet during operation due to their noise-cancelling technology. Your system may require urgent attention if you hear strange or loud noises coming from your ductless HVAC system in your Roll, AZ home. Find out more about these different sounds and what they mean.


Hissing sounds from your ductless system may originate from problems with your refrigerant line. A leak in the refrigerant line can cause your ductless system to break down, leading to discomfort in your home. A qualified service technician can help you identify the source of the leak and fix your refrigerant line.

Bubbling or hissing sounds can also come from excess moisture in your ductless system. It typically occurs from a hole, crack, or blockage in the drainage line. Having your drainage line is crucial to control humidity and prevent the growth of biological contaminants.


Rattling noises in your ductless system are usually caused by loose components inside the outdoor compressor or indoor air handler. The outdoor compressor can produce rattling noises due to the presence of debris. Parts can also become loose due to increased wear and tear in your system.

You may hear rattling noises as loose parts hit the exterior framing of your ductless system. An expert service technician can find the source of the noise and tighten loose parts and components to stop rattling noises.


Buzzing noises in your outdoor compressor unit can result from a faulty electrical system. You may also experience poor efficiency and high energy bills. Other issues that can produce buzzing sounds include faulty fan motors, dirty condenser coils, and broken fan blades.

Scheduling preventive maintenance can help you avoid these issues and loud noises from your ductless system. Service technicians can troubleshoot your system and fix any issues causing buzzing noises.

Quick Refrigeration provides reliable AC repair, installation, and replacement services. Our service technicians are highly skilled and NATE-certified. Contact Quick Refrigeration today for all your air conditioning and HVAC maintenance service needs.

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