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Your furnace is one of the most important appliances in your Yuma, Arizona, home, especially during the winter months. You need to maintain the health of your system and avoid potential problems that can result in major damage or even a system breakdown. One way that your furnace may be telling you it’s time to make a repair call is by certain smells that it emits. If you notice unusual smells with your system, it’s time to contact your HVAC company.


While a slight burning smell when you turn your system on is perfectly normal, continuous burning smells could signal a dangerous situation. A burning smell can be related to damaged wires or other electrical problems that can result in a dangerous system in your home. Never attempt any HVAC electrical work on your own. Always bring in a trusted professional.


Strong chemical odors from your system often are a sign that the heat exchanger is cracked and carbon monoxide is seeping into the ductwork and out into your home. Carbon monoxide is hard to detect, and even in high concentrations, you can’t smell it. You should have a carbon monoxide alarm on every level of your home. Contact your HVAC company if you detect a chemical smell, which can be an indicator that the heat exchanger is damaged.

Rotten Eggs

A seriously dangerous smell that can come from your furnace is the smell of rotten eggs. In fact, the gas company adds a component to your gas so that your system will emit a strong smell when a leak is occurring. If you get a whiff of rotten eggs when your system is running, immediately open up your doors and windows, shut your system off, and call for HVAC repair. A gas leak can lead to major health problems and even death.

If you notice any of the smells above, contact Quick Refrigeration at 928-220-8108. One of our service technicians will get your system back in working order.

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