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If you suffer from asthma, you should prioritize improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your Fortuna Foothills, Arizona, home to reduce your symptoms. Cleaning your home, reducing volatile organic compounds, and eliminating allergens can relieve asthma symptoms. However, your air conditioner can also alleviate asthma symptoms.

Combats Asthma Triggers

Asthma can be triggered by allergens, such as biological growth and dust mites. These types of irritants require a moist and warm environment to thrive. However, running the air conditioner can reduce these triggers and cool the temperature low enough so they can’t survive. A functioning air conditioner will pull the moisture from the air so that these asthma triggers will lack the moist breeding ground they need to reproduce.

Enhances the Circulation in Your Home

When you have your air conditioner running, your home’s air will constantly circulate. This can help prevent the settling of dust and dust mites throughout the home and reduce the risk of fungal growth, all of which can worsen and trigger asthma symptoms. Also, an air conditioner running efficiently should be able to remove a significant amount of asthma irritants from each room by simply moving the air around.

AC Filters Trap Irritants

Your air conditioning system is equipped with a filter designed to trap and remove pollen, dust particles, and other irritants to prevent them from affecting your indoor air supply. There are many types of filters to choose from, including the ones for homes with asthma and allergy sufferers. These filters will have a higher MERV rating, which means they will trap significantly smaller particles.

If you have family members that suffer from asthma symptoms, you can help reduce their triggers by scheduling regular maintenance. Contact us at 928-220-8108. One of our Quick Refrigeration specialists will schedule your appointment and get your system ready for the upcoming season.

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