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Are you having trouble getting a good night’s rest in your Yuma, Arizona, home? While the culprit could be that extra bit of caffeine in the evening or too much screen time before you go to sleep, it also could be the setting on your thermostat. If you are suffering from restless nights, follow these HVAC tips below to improve your sleep and better prepare you for the day ahead.

Cool it Down Before Bed Time

When your body prepares itself for sleep, it will naturally drop its temperature. You can help your body relax more quickly by making sure that the temperature in your room is cool. For most people, a room setting of between 74 and 78 degrees will provide the best comfort.

Make Sure the Humidity Levels Are Ideal

Another culprit behind your poor sleep might be the humidity levels in your room. When the humidity levels are too high in your room, you are likely to feel sticky. What you may not realize is that the high humidity is also making it more difficult to breathe. The air will seem thicker, and you will need to take deeper breaths to fill up your lungs. This can make it harder for your body to relax and harder to stay asleep.

Keep Your HVAC System Well-Maintained

A properly maintained HVAC system can help you in a few ways. It will run more efficiently and help you maintain proper airflow so that the conditioned air can get your bedroom to the cooler temperature you need for sleep. Another benefit of keeping your HVAC system well-maintained is increased indoor air quality in your bedroom. With improved air quality, you will have less congestion, and any allergy or asthma symptoms will be lessened.

If you are suffering from poor sleep, contact us at 928-220-8108 today. One of our Quick Refrigeration service technicians will schedule your maintenance to help you achieve a better night’s rest.

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