Do You Need to Replace Your Heat Pump in San Luis, AZ?

Your heat pump has cooled your home in San Luis, AZ for years, but now it’s not as reliable as it was. In fact, you may be facing some serious situations. Below, we discuss four signs that indicate you’ll need to replace your home’s heat pump in the near future.

1. Poor Performance Despite Recent Repairs

Is your heat pump short cycling, leaving the air lukewarm or breaking down repeatedly? Sometimes, a repair can fix the matter, but maybe you requested one before, and nothing has changed. The choice becomes clear: You can purchase a new system rather than sink more money into pointless repairs.

2. Incredibly High Energy Bills

Together with the poor performance, you might have noticed that your monthly bill is increasing. If you can’t think of anything else that’s causing it, then blame it on the heat pump.

3. Loud or Abnormal Noises

Failing heat pumps sometimes emit loud noises even after startup, such as banging, hissing, and squealing. While a repair may solve some of the issues behind these noises, you’ll want to think twice about expensive repairs, such as motor and compressor replacements. These wouldn’t be worth it if your heat pump has exceeded 10 or 15 years of age.

4. The Presence of Mildew

In addition to cooling homes, heat pumps remove humidity, so they indirectly contribute to good indoor air quality. When they malfunction, expect the IAQ to plummet and cause high humidity, stale air, and perhaps even the growth of mildew and biological contaminants. You’ll need a replacement if occupants, especially the ones with asthma or allergies, are getting sick.

Founded in 1935, Quick Refrigeration has technicians who can expertly take on your next installation project in San Luis, AZ, so call today to get started. You’ll be working with a company that’s a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, so expect premium products. We offer flexible financing on approved credit.

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