Choose a Whole-House Humidifier over a Portable Unit in Wellton, AZ

The Environmental Protection Agency states that you should keep humidity levels in your home between 30% and 50%. However, the highest average relative humidity that Wellton, AZ, experiences is in December, and that’s still below 30%. Here are five reasons you should choose a whole-house humidifier over a portable unit in Wellton, AZ.

Automatic Control

Whole-home humidifiers keep the humidity in your home at a comfortable level automatically. You can set the humidity levels in your home, and the humidifier will add the extra moisture until it reaches your desired percentage of relative humidity in your home.


Whole-home humidifiers consume less energy than portable humidifiers when it comes to keeping the humidity levels within your home at a comfortable level. A whole-house humidifier uses your furnace’s existing fan to keep your home comfortable.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Low humidity levels in the home not only increase static electricity in the home but impact your indoor air quality and your health. Low humidity increases your susceptibility to respiratory illness, viruses and throat inflammation. Low humidity also causes itchy skin and can irritate your nasal passages.

Low Maintenance

A whole-home humidifier needs regular maintenance just like your HVAC system. However, it requires very little maintenance; all you need to do is change the filter at least once a year and wipe it down to prevent mineral buildup.

Saves Space

Portable humidifiers take up space in an area and disturb occupants with noise while in operation. A whole-home humidifier doesn’t intrude with noise or take up space where you walk.

If you’re looking for skilled HVAC technicians who go the extra mile to make sure you experience the ultimate level of comfort at home, contact the maintenance professionals at Quick Refrigeration today. We can help you choose from different brands of whole-home humidifiers to control the amount of moisture within your home.

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