A Guide to Boosting Energy Efficiency This Summer in Somerton, AZ

Energy efficiency is paramount to the operation of a productive, cost-effective HVAC system. During summer, homeowners are under pressure to reduce cooling costs. Here are several tips to boost energy efficiency in your Somerton, AZ, home.

Turn Off Unnecessary Lighting

Ensure you turn off the lights when you leave a room. They tend to emit heat that heats your space. Also, consider lighting options that operate at cooler temperatures.

Reduce Your Water-Heating Costs

Home water heating accounts for a sizable percentage of the energy you consume. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recommended setting for the water heater shouldn’t be more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

This recommended setting helps to avoid scalding. The low settings help you conserve energy and save on energy costs.

Keep Your HVAC System Running Efficiently

Hire a professional to clean, service and maintain your air conditioning system regularly. The purpose is to ensure the system runs efficiently and reduces the chances of breakdowns.

By scheduling HVAC maintenance to ensure unrestricted airflow through your home, your unit will be able to work more efficiently, which reduces your monthly energy consumption. It might also be time to change your air filters. Technicians can do this when they visit for a routine maintenance tune-up.

In addition, install a smart thermostat. A thermostat helps you regulate internal temperatures even when you’re not at home. A smart thermostat will help you save energy by turning off your HVAC when you aren’t home.

Switch Up Your Daily Routine

Some of your daily activities, such as indoor cooking, contribute to intense heat buildup. The more heat builds up in your home, the more your HVAC system runs to maintain ideal temperatures. Help save energy by grilling outdoors instead of using the oven.

Install Drapes, Curtains and Blinds

Curtains, drapes and blinds block the sun’s rays from heating your home. The result is a naturally cooler space, so your AC system won’t have to run as long.

At Quick Refrigeration, we offer plumbing and HVAC service, installation and maintenance. Call us at Quick Refrigeration for all your HVAC service needs.

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