5 Signs of a Hidden Water Leak in Your Home in Somerton, AZ

Water leakage can lead to serious damage and even health issues. If you’re a homeowner in Somerton, AZ, it’s important to know these five signs that may indicate a hidden water leak.

1. Sudden Spike in Water Bill

Water bills should remain consistent each month with minimal variations. A sudden and unexplained spike in the bill is a sign that there may be an undetected water leak somewhere in or around your home. These leaks are often small but can still build up over time.

2. Musty Odor

While hidden water leaks may be difficult to detect, you can often see and smell the damage they cause. Musty odors signal the presence of mildew and other biological growth. In addition, discolorations on walls or floors can reveal that there is water infiltration in the area.

3. Low Water Pressure

The pressure of water running through your pipes should be steady and consistent. If the pressure suddenly drops, it may suggest a hidden water leak in the plumbing. As the water leaks out, the pressure drops, and you will experience a decrease in water flow.

4. Wet Spots or Puddles

Look for wet spots or puddles around your home, especially near pipes, appliances, and sinks. These point to an unseen water leak, allowing water to escape into walls, ceilings, or other home areas. If left undetected, water leakage can cause serious damage and create an environment for biological pathogens to grow.

5. Warped Floors

Water can cause your flooring to warp or buckle, especially if it pools in one area for an extended period. This is a warning sign of a hidden water leak beneath the flooring. Get a professional plumber to check for the leakage and make the necessary repairs.

Timely repairs can help prevent more serious damage from occurring. Contact Quick Refrigeration for plumbing repairs if you suspect your home has a hidden water leak in Somerton, AZ.

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