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Heat pumps are a great way to keep your house warm and comfortable, but too often, people are put off by misconceptions based on old, inefficient models and processes that are no longer used. If you’ve been interested in installing a heat pump in your Yuma, Arizona, home, here’s a list of common misconceptions we can debunk.

More Expensive Than Other Options

While the initial cost of installing a heat pump system is greater than installing some other types of HVAC systems, the cost will be offset in only a few years due to the greater efficiency and reduced fuel use of the heat pump. Rebates and tax credits are also available due to the system’s low environmental impact.

Won’t Work in Cold Climates

Heat pumps work well to keep you warm. While they’re most efficient in climates around 30 degrees, they still work even when the temperature drops into single digits. They’re perfect for heating homes in Arizona’s more moderate climate.

Only Available in New Construction

Heat pumps can easily be added to an existing structure. Ductless heat pumps won’t use your HVAC ductwork, but they can still be fitted into your home and will work well in many locations. Many homeowners are upgrading their systems to heat pumps to benefit from their energy efficiency.

Take Up Too Much Space

Skilled heating professionals can fit your new heat pump system inside the structure of your home without taking up living space. The outdoor portion is about the same size as a standard air conditioning unit. It’s connected to a slim indoor portion by cables and a refrigerant line that’s run through the wall.

Heat pumps are an efficient and reliable option for heating your home. They will work in a variety of homes and situations and save you money on fuels and repairs. Contact Quick Refrigeration today at 928-220-8108 to schedule an appointment and learn about the best heating system for your home.

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