4 Bad Habits That Damage Your Plumbing in Roll, AZ

It can be easy to think of your home’s plumbing in Roll or Tacna, AZ as indestructible. However, there are some bad habits that can damage it.

1. Putting Damaging Things in the Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal provides a convenient way to get rid of things, but you shouldn’t put everything down it. Foods high in fiber, hard items like bones and items that pile up easily, like coffee grounds, can damage it and clog it. Also, anything that absorbs large amounts of water, like pasta, rice or bread, is equally problematic.

2. Flushing Things You Shouldn’t

The only things to flush down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Your household plumbing generally can’t handle other items. They can clog your pipes, which might then require replacement.

Perhaps the most dangerous things to flush are “flushable” wipes. Even though they’re said to be safe, because they don’t degrade in water as fast as toilet paper, they can still clog your pipes.

3. Overusing Harsh Chemicals

It might seem counterintuitive, but drain cleaner can actually hurt your pipes. The very chemicals that do the cleaning, such as sodium hydroxide, can erode the inside walls of your pipes. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use drain cleaner at all, but it does mean that you should limit its use to once a year or so.

4. Not Protecting Drains From Hair

Hair causes more bathroom clogs than almost anything else. When you wash your hair, it’s normal for some to come out, but consider getting a drain strainer instead of letting the hair wash away. If you have a beard, trim it over the floor, and then sweep up the trimmings, as even beard hair can form clogs.

Bad habits might be hard to correct, but we hope the information above helps you put a stop to them to keep your plumbing in good shape. Call us at Quick Refrigeration when you need to make an appointment for plumbing repair or maintenance services in Roll or Tacna, AZ.

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