3 Ways to Prevent Clogged Drains in Your Somerton, AZ Home

Clogged drains are a common plumbing problem in homes, particularly during warmer months since that’s when your family takes more showers. The clogging is usually caused by hair and other materials such as soap particles. Other drains in the home, like kitchen drains, can clog year-round in your Somerton, AZ, home; here’s how to prevent such clogs.

1. Install Lint Catcher on Your Washing Hose

In most cases, bits of fabrics, lint and facial tissues make their way through the drain hole of your hose, causing troubles in your drain. It’s important that you place a lint trap at the end of your drain hose to prevent materials from plugging in your drain.

2. Use Organic Bacteria

There are some types of bacteria that enhance the decomposition process in your drain. Whether it’s food, grease or hair, most organic matter causes the drain clogs. To prevent the clog, you only need to add the bacteria in the clogged drain.

This style of bacteria drain cleaners are non-corrosive, and they don’t interfere with the pipes and bacteria in your septic tank. It works best when you apply the bacteria at night when everyone is going to bed so that you can give it time to work.

3. Collect Grease

You shouldn’t pour grease in your drain. When warm grease runs down your pipes, it thickens and forms a clog. A mixture of grease and other substances can form a major clog in your system. Accumulation of this mixture might result in you needing plumbing repairs.

The best way to prevent this from forming is by ensuring that you avoid pouring oil or grease into your drain system. Keep a jar near your sink to collect the grease and later throw it into the trash when it gets full. Ensure that you contact a professional plumber if you already have a clogged drain.

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