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Are you looking for a reliable plumbing service provider in San Luis, AZ? A water leak is an issue for your home, your health and your family’s well-being. A water leak can be a result of common issues to complex plumbing problems. Here are three signs that might help you determine whether you have a water leak.

1. Unpleasant Odors

An unpleasant smell might result from a water leak, especially when you can’t trace the source. In such a situation, be sure to call our technicians to help you locate the cause of the water leak-related odors. Water leaks promote biological growth, which could be the source of foul odors in your house.

2. Wall Cracks

Once you notice some wall cracks in your home, you must contact your technician for inspection because it could be leak related. Typically, even tiny leaks result in wall cracks as they continue the same wall spot-causing slight shifts.

Although you won’t feel the wall shift, the cracks on your wall could be signs of a water leak that can lead to severe issues. Contacting a plumber will help you be sure of the actual cause.

3. Increased Water Bill

Generally, water bills will remain constant or with a slight variance from the previous month. Therefore, a sudden uncertain water bill under normal circumstances could be an indication of a possible leak in your house. Our well-trained plumbing technicians will help you inspect and fix any leak in your home that results in unusual water bills.

If you notice leaks in your San Luis, AZ home, the best action is to contact your plumber right away. At Quick Refrigeration, we provide high-quality services to help you clear any doubts about a water leak.

For better results, we employ well-trained and licensed technicians. For more information about our services, be sure to contact Quick Refrigeration today.

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