3 Problems That Stem From Poor IAQ in Tacna, AZ

You may not feel the effects of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in Tacna, AZ as immediately as the effects of severe heat or cold, but they are still serious. Here are three problems that stem from having poor IAQ.

1. Health Issues

Regularly breathing in low-quality air can cause an astonishing variety of health issues, especially if you do so for a long time. Some of these might be mild, like coughing, sneezing or throat irritation. Others, like vomiting, nausea or nosebleeds, are more serious, and still others — like lung cancer and COPD — can be life-threatening.

2. Poor Sleep

The consequences of living with low IAQ can follow you around even after you fall asleep. Just as having bad air at home can disturb you when you’re awake, it can give you trouble when you fall asleep. In fact, breathing in air that carries high concentrations of pollutants might keep you from falling asleep at all.

Even if you’re able to fall asleep in such an environment, the quality of your sleep will likely suffer. Poor IAQ may force you to wake up multiple times during the night as you struggle to breathe normally.

The headaches and other issues already mentioned can also impact your ability to sleep. With poor sleep, you’ll be less alert during the day, and added fatigue and stress may later generate other health problems.

3. High Utility Bills

If you have dust or other pollutants in your air at home, then those same pollutants are probably also obstructing airflow through your HVAC system. Such obstructions can decrease system performance and raise utility bills. To take care of these problems, you’ll need to request professional HVAC repair or maintenance services.

There’s no reason to live with poor IAQ. Call our team at Quick Refrigeration today, and ask for indoor air quality services.

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