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Keeping good air quality in your Yuma, Arizona, home is critical, especially if you have household members that suffer from asthma or allergies. One of the most common culprits behind poor IAQ in the home is VOCs that may be lurking in places you least suspect. VOCs can be found in home repair items, common household cleaning supplies, and smoke. If you think VOCs are the cause of poor IAQ in your home, follow these tips to reduce VOCs.

Consider Using Natural Cleaning Products

The easiest way to reduce VOCs in your home is by switching to cleaning products created from more natural ingredients. You can choose from green cleaning products available at the store, or make your own using common household items. You can make a powerful scrubbing agent with baking soda and water, clean appliances with white vinegar, and make your own air fresheners using lemons and another fresh citrus.

Store Toxic Products Properly

Even when tightly sealed, toxic items can emit VOCs into the indoor air supply in your home. Items like varnish and paint should be sealed and stored outside the home in an unattached garage or outdoor storage sheds. When using these products in the home, always be sure to leave windows open and maintain proper ventilation so that the fumes can escape instead of becoming trapped in the room.

Keep the Temperature and Humidity Levels as Comfortable as Possible

Chemicals tend to off-gas when they are at higher temperatures or in levels where there is higher humidity. You can add a dehumidifier to your home so you can control the humidity levels in your home. Install a programmable or smart thermostat in your home to keep the temperature under control.

If you are experiencing problems with IAQ in your home, contact us today. One of our Quick Refrigeration professionals will help you find the solutions to help everyone in your home breathe a little easier.

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