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As summer brings scorching heat to Yuma, AZ, you’ll likely rely on your air conditioning system every day to keep you and your household cool. If you start to hear odd noises coming from your AC, it’s a good idea to turn the system off and evaluate the problem. Here are three likely culprits behind some of the most common odd noises.

1. Clicking

You should only hear a clicking noise from your air conditioning system when it starts and shuts off. If you hear clicking while your system is running, it indicates that you have an electrical issue. Even if you’re fairly familiar with the electronics in your air conditioner, it’s vital to contact an HVAC professional who can do the job properly for you.

2. Banging

When your air conditioning system is running, and you hear a banging noise, it’s important to shut it off right away. A banging noise indicates that there’s a loose or broken part inside your system. In this situation, it’s best to contact an air conditioning technician to resolve the problem before you turn your system back on.

3. Squealing

Whenever one of your fan motors is getting ready to go out, you’ll hear a squealing noise. While your system can run and still produce cold air, you should get the problem fixed before your fan motor fails. It’s a good idea to contact an air conditioning professional to handle the repair of your system.

If you’re noticing an odd noise that tells you that you need AC repairs, pick up the phone and call our team of experts at Quick Refrigeration. By letting us evaluate the noise as soon as you hear it, our technicians can fix the problem before your repair costs get out of control. We’ve been serving our residential and commercial customers since 1955.

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