Our technician was very friendly and helpful. Very respectful of our time and showed up on Florine to start his service. Overall was a very great experience and Definitely calling them up for any ac services

Daniel Carrazco

Quick Refigeration does professional & dependable work! Great “quick” service & at a reasonable cost! I will continue to use them in the future! This is a company that you can trust! Thanks Quick Refigeration!

Cindy Keck

The guys did a great install. Fernando was easy to talk to and didn’t over sell the job. Made it real easy to understand and decide which was my best option

Scott Copeland

We get our ac serviced every year by Quick right before the summer months. Great service every time.
It Helps to Keeps my APS bills down too.

Maria Aguilar

Great experience with Quick Refrigeration, my A/C is now running better than ever.

Kassandra Carrazco

After working with about 3 other local companies for service on my air conditioning, We were referred to Quick Refrigeration, and have thankfully never looked back. Happy to say the service has been excellent for over 10 years. They come fast, when they say they will come, (even if after hours) take care of business, and whatever needs fixing gets fixed and stays fixed. The techs are courteous and good at explaining what is going on.

Mary Baldwin

My parents Clifford & Betty Winton couldn’t stop talking about how their customer service was so great. They were polite and very helpful. That’s very important for me to know that they respect and treat their elders with care. My parents have very bad allergies and took the time to make sure their duct work was clean and in working order. I would recommend them to anyone.

Bridget Winton

I always have a great experience working with Quick Refrigeration professionally and personally. They customer service reps are always friendly and professional and they supply me with things I cannot get from regular retail stores. I highly recommend them!

Yvette Hendershot

We received a proposal the same day that we called. The next day installation started.All of Quick’s employees were courteous and professional at all times. The installation was completed in a very timely manner.We are very pleased with our new furnace and would highly recommend Quick for any heating or cooling problems that you might have. THANKS QUICK! WELL DONE!

William Sexton

I have been using Quick Refrigeration for over 20 years. They installed the air conditioner when my home was built and have given me excellent service. I have a maintenance agreement with them at a very reasonable cost and have never had any major problems with my unit. I definitely recommend Quick to anyone who wants speedy quality service.

Arvle Johnston Jr

Quick Refrigeration has serviced and repaired my unit on multiple occasions and I have never had a bad experience. The office staff is very friendly and the technicians are knowledgeable and did an outstanding job. I will continue to use Quick Refrigeration for all my heating and cooling needs! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great A/C company!

Alex Daniel

ad our Trane installed in 2003 and it’s still going strong. I would highly recommend the sales and service at Quick Refrigeration Co. in Yuma, AZ. You will be very satisfied for years to come.

Katie Kilman

I have been using Quick Refrigeration for over 8 years and continue to be impressed with their quality of work and service. I will continue to recommend Quick Refrigeration to anyone looking for friendly, fast and efficient service.

Anna Aguilera

We have oddly sized air filters. Quick Refrigeration was quickly able to provide me with the filters I needed.

Jenna Colton

I’ve been a customer for four years. I had a difficult problem with my air handlers which Quick resolved. They are a terrific company and I’d recommend them to everyone.

George Deckey

This has been a great experience they really help and care about their customers . Thanks quick!

Jessica Taylor

Quick Refrigeration helped us select and size an HVAC unit for one of our residential remodel projects. Based on their amazing customer service and attention to detail we will use their services again!

Jerry LoCoco

Quick did a great job and they were professionals the whole time all my questions were explained Jose was on point!

Jarred Rendon

Good, reliable and dependable service.

Lupe Chretin

Great fast service with inventory in stock!

Josh Pliska

Great service and professionalism!

Daniel Zarnik

Ofrece quick Refrigeraciones un exelente servicio y profesionalismo muy contento su trabajo y su amabilidad de sus trabajadores remarc├│ en especial a fernando zavala por su amabilidad y su profesionalismo y su humildad gracias sigan haciendo muy buen equipo les doy las 5 estrellas por suexelencia

Hector Castro

Just like these customers, we want you happy and cool!

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