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Why is my Air Conditioner not cooling?
  • Refrigerant Leaks in the AC Unit
    Low refrigerant could be caused by improper installation or a leak. Call in one of our skilled AC technicians if you suspect a leak. We’ll test the system, seal the leak, and then test it again to be sure it holds up. We’ll also be sure that the air conditioner has the correct amount of refrigerant for maximum efficiency.
  • Air Conditioner Electric Controls
    The electronics that control the fans and compressor can wear out over time from corrosion or from recurrent shutting on and off. When our experienced contractors service your air conditioner, we’ll be sure to check the electrical connections so that your system runs optimally.


  • Air Filters & AC Maintenance
    Regular AC maintenance is necessary to keep your HVAC system running at maximum efficiency. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly so that the system does not become blocked and prevent airflow. A dirty filter can also cause your dust and debris to enter the evaporator coil preventing it from working properly. Our friendly technicians can teach you about cleaning and replacing your filters regularly so go ahead and ask during your next service visit! We can also clean your air conditioners coils and reshape the fins to return your HVAC system to prime condition.


  • Insulation & Sealing
    Inefficiency in your home’s cooling system may be a result of poor insulation and open gaps in your house. We’re available to test your ducts for leaks and make them airtight. We can also insulate ducts that travel through warm spaces such as your attic to ensure that the newly cooled air isn’t heated prematurely.
What is the Service Life of an Air Conditioner?

Depending on the type of air conditioning system you own, after 10 – 15 years most systems need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. Using an AC system that’s past its prime can lead to poorer air quality in your home and higher energy bills each month, so it’s best to get a replacement sooner rather than later.

According to ENERGY STAR®, some signs it’s time for you to replace your current air conditioning system include:

  • Your equipment needs frequent repairs. If you need to call Quick Refrigeration for air conditioning repairs more and more often, you would save money and time by getting a replacement system.
  • Your energy bills are going up. If your energy bills are going up but you’re keeping your home or office same temperature as last year, your cooling equipment may have become less efficient.
  • Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold. Improper equipment operation, duct problems or inadequate insulation could be the cause.
  • Your home has humidity problems. Poor cooling equipment operation, inadequate equipment, and leaky ductwork can cause the air to be too humid in the summer.
  • Your home has excessive dust. Leaky ducts can pull particles and air from attics, crawl spaces, and basements and distribute them throughout your house. Sealing your ducts may be a solution.
  • Your cooling system is noisy. You could have an undersized duct system or a problem with the indoor coil of your cooling equipment.
  • Your score on the ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick is below five. That means your energy use at home is above average and you’re probably paying more than you need to on energy bills.

To ensure that we replace your old system with the best possible option for your house, our certified technicians conduct a thorough consultation and home comfort evaluation. There are few things in life as enjoyable as coming home to a cool, comfortable home on a long, hot summer day—and our team wants to make sure you understand all of your options before you replace your existing AC system.

I think I need a new AC, what size AC should I get?

It all depends on how much “space” is in your home or commercial building. It also the depends on the different comfort zones you have in your home/office.  But in many cases you just need a good servicing. The good news is we will come out to you and determine this for you for at no cost!

Does your Service Plans Automatically Renew?

Yes they do, we do send out an email letting your know your service plan will renew soon. At this time if you don’t want to renew you can send an email back to let us know.

How Often Should I Change my Filters?

Change your filters every month. Putting a reminder in your calendar is suggested.

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We do offer financing.

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